About us


O LUCA has been hand making and selling beautiful products since 2017, now we want to show you how to make these same items for yourself! 

Working with leather is so rewarding! If you are a sewer and are nervous to try sewing with leather- don’t be afraid! It’s not scary, it’s not hard. It is totally different and at the same time not very different at all. If you are a beginner to sewing anything- then you are in the perfect place too! If you are an expert already, well I hope I still can teach you something new. 

My goal is to make patterns and tutorials to make you expert in as short of time as possible, because your best tool in becoming an expert is by learning how to do it right the first time. 

This is going to be fun, and when you make that first item, the feeling of accomplishment is worth every minute and every penny you’re about to put in.

Let’s make something together!