About us


O LUCA began in the summer of 2017. I began in 1992.

I have always been inspired by beautiful design. It energizes me and brings me a sense of calm and joy. 

I also find passion in bringing my own ideas into the world! And sharing them with others.

Before I began O LUCA, I was intrigued by architecture, furniture and interior design. I still am! Beautiful design surrounded by nature is the absolute in design. To combine natural materials, palettes and simplicity together for a balanced, sense of calm and beauty is my passion! No matter if it is a building I am designing, a living space, or a handbag! 

O LUCA began in the spring of 2017, I was visiting my childhood home, Sweden, when I was inspired to create my very first leather handbag. I had always loved the feel of leather, it is so real! Especially vegetable tanned leathers that have the smell and the least amount of tampering, showing much of the imperfections of the original cowhide. Soon after we came home I began sewing leather bags. I sold them first by word of mouth to friends and family and in November of 2017 I launched my website: oluca.co.

The first store to approach me to buy at wholesale was a darling boutique in Longview, WA called Posh On Commerce. Only a couple months after sewing my very first leather handbag! You can still find O LUCA bags in her store today!

Being inspired by beautiful design also led me to take beautiful photos of the handbags I had made, and display them beautifully on the website. This design aspect helped sell the bags!

In the three years of making and selling and growing a business I have been approached by very large corporations to sell O LUCA and we have been invited by a celebrity show host to be featured on popular TV shows. Although we have not pursued many of the opportunity’s to grow our business to the next level it has brought a sense of accomplishment to us!  O LUCA has organically become a known brand name. 

The success of O LUCA has been through thoughtful design that starts from the making of the product, the photography, the website, minimal marketing and the overall display of the product. 

It is what has made O LUCA a successful brand and it is what I want to inspire you to do for your brand! Whether you want to make a few things or grow a business I want to share my designs and knowledge with you. Because sharing is so much fun.

So now for the next step in the O LUCA story. O LUCA designs. I hope to do the same with this next step but in a whole new way. I want to teach you how to make the things we make! I want to encourage you to see design in its simplicity, to be aware of the smallest details that in the end make the biggest differences. 

Welcome to O LUCA designs! I am thrilled to have you here. Let’s make things together; purses, shoes, pillows, and beautiful designs. 

We are in it together!