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O LUCA designs

O LUCA is a successful women’s and baby leather company. We were built on quality, compassion, and perfection. We understand how to build a successful brand and how to make beautiful things. Now we want to teach you how to do it, too! Whether you want to start your own brand or just have a little hobby, we want to help you!



"I received my order!!!! I am in LOVE!!!" 

- Jolene

"I LOVE the purses of course. I just can't believe the detail, and the precision in making them. You are a true artist girl."

- Tamey

"The shipment of the little backpack and tutti clip came this morning!! Adorable! I can hardly handle it! Thank you!" 

- Kirsi

"My jaw dropped... the bag is out of this world...chills!!! Your work is amazing. Thank you a million! I am going to tell everyone about you!!"

XO Larysa

"I love it. Thanks so much. It's perfect!"

- Elina